Metal Plate
Metal Plate
Although we use many types of metal in our products, copper has become a popular metal for many interior and exterior home enhancements. Left to age naturally, copper pieces  transform to a dark, rich color.

If you are searching for a warm and inviting design element for your home, consider a copper counter top or back splash.  Even the smallest copper design details can make your home look more distinguished.
Enhance your home in copper
Quick Custom Metals is a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop.  We specialize in, HVAC duct work for coolers, air conditioning & furnaces, architectural metal fabrications, commercial & restaurant fabrication, welding, and other custom interior & exterior metal applications.  We work with copper, stainless steel, mild (rustable) steel, aluminum, angle iron, and galvanized metal.   We are able to ship many of our custom products to your home.
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Consider going GREEN with metal items for your home or business. 

Our materials are 100% natural and recyclable. 
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House with Viga Covers and Copper Fascia
House with Viga Covers and Copper Fascia
House with Viga Covers and Copper Fascia
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